Frequently Asked Questions about Laundry Service

1. Request bags at your local Laundry Bins or Starcrest Cleaners location.
2. Text us and we will have bags delivered to your home free of charge.

We uses only our proprietary hypoallergenic detergent. This detergent was custom designed for the Laundry Bins cleaning process which results in great stain removal and super soft clothes!

All clothes are dried on low heat cycles not to exceed 125 degrees.

We charge your account once a month at your minimum commitment amount. All additional laundry bin bags sent that month are billed at your membership's discounted rate! No long term commitment, memberships are month to month.

No. Our published price list is what you pay.

No. Our process is contactless. Bags must be in a visible area by your front door or in a specific area dictated on your online account. You will receive a text notification upon delivery.

Our bags hold up to 18 lbs of laundry (Nearly 2 loads!).


12 pairs of socks
12 underwear garments
10 T-Shirts
7 Shorts
4 Pants
2 Hand Towels
1 Bath Towel
*For an average adult

Primarily clothes, towels and sheets you wish to be laundered.

Items that need to be dry cleaned and/or pressed in addition to household items such as comforters, rugs, bath mats, etc... will be bagged and priced separately.

Of course! Laundry Bins service came from dry cleaners! We will pick up and deliver your dry cleaning at no additional charge. Dry cleaning and household items (rugs, comforters, bath mats, etc) are priced separately by your local partner.

- On your regularly scheduled days, laundry is delivered back the same evening.
- Pick ups are after 8 am and delivered back the same day by 8 pm.
- On demand request are always available but may extend turnaround time.

There are no 3rd party drivers or cleaners involved with Laundry Bins. All clothes are picked up and delivered by our drivers and cleaned at our local, state-of-the-art facilities!

Absolutely! We run our commercial pickups / deliveries between 10 am - 4 pm each weekday with next day turnaround available!

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